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National MP Jackie Chan blue to get this job in favor of


Applications closed on September 28 last year, but Dr Blue did not apply until November 11.雪纤瘦

Justice Minister Judith Collins had been asked on November 1 to choose a shortlist from eight applicants - but did not respond to that request.

After Dr Blue applied, Ms Collins received a new list of names - and this time, selected her caucus colleague and three others for interviews.雪纤瘦

NZ Newswire asked Ms Collins' office why the minister did not reply to the requests for a shortlist until Dr Blue's name was included.雪纤瘦

Her office said Dr Blue had expressed her interest in the role on September 20, and the minister had held off on the appointment process "until she satisfied herself that it was appropriate for a sitting MP to apply for the position".

Dr Blue's original expression of interest was not provided in response to an Official Information Act request, and was only released after a second request for information.

Even then, it was redacted in its entirety, aside from the date and Dr Blue's name.

However, the claim Ms Collins held off on the process while awaiting advice appears to be contradicted by another document showing that advice was not sought until January - more than a month after Ms Collins had shortlisted Dr Blue for the job.

The documents show Justice Ministry chief executive Andrew Bridgman sought that advice from the State Services Commission on January 29, and the following day was advised that there was no issue with an MP applying for the job.

Three candidates were eventually interviewed on March 12, before Dr Blue's appointment was announced on April 16.

Labour and the Greens have accused Ms Collins of cronyism over the appointment.