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Can not say that the secret in this shot

This day early in the morning to leave Hualien little homes, if you can I would like to live in Hualien on for some time, a good mood or a bad time to go to the sea, sitting on the beach covered with stone to distant Looking blowing humid wind. Hungry on a motor scooter to look for food, thirsty and went to Pine Garden, the old winery cafe for coffee or black tea Taiwan.

Zuotai iron from Hualien to Taipei, the entire two-and-a-half hours. Did not buy tickets in advance, the four of us are no seats, but fortunately not a long time, we find a corner to rely on each other together, it is extremely close.

In fact, I came to Taiwan, I only know the source classmate Oe and Lulu are new friends, but by 10 days of travel, we will never forget each other. I eat the legendary "Taiwan Railway lunch on the Taiwan Railway Administration, and good fun which to

Fresh water, we put down the luggage went to visit Jay's alma mater freshwater Middle School, where the movie "The Secret" viewfinder. Watched the film together when we Alishan, the freshwater Middle School because of the relationship of the film, I think there is a little bit mysterious.